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Alaska Airlines Vest Ladies Copper River



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Item 24451-2175
Totem Trim:
Embodying the rich Native history of this land and it’s people, renowned Alaskan artist Michael Webber designed the Totem trim exclusively for Copper River Fleece. Born of a rich Alutiiq and Tlingit ancestry, Michael lives in Cordova, Alaska where his family heritage reaches back to the first footsteps in this region. Emblazoned with the Eagle, Raven, Killer Whale, and Beaver Clans' crests, the Totem trim tells the story of traditional Tlingit influences stretching from Southeast Alaska to the Copper River. As Mike explains, "The Eagle and Raven are positioned in the center, representing their status as the largest and most powerful clans. Talon, wing, and human head forms surround the Eagle, in accordance with traditional Tlingit design. Known as the Wise One, the Raven is believed to have created the earth, sun, moon, animals, and all other life forms. Tying the sea to the land and its people, the Killer Whale meshes fins, tail, and human form. The Beaver Clan was known for its powerful chiefs and shamans, whose strength is evident in the oversized incisors, tail, and beaver head." In this vibrant trim, Mike brilliantly weaves ancestral totems of Tlingit culture, handed down through generations.

Fabric Properties:
- Softshell Fabric
- Abrasion-resistant woven polyester outer-face
- Moisture-wicking microfleece interior
- Softshell fabric blocks 98% of wind
- Provides versatile weather-resistant protection
- Exceptional breathability & warmth.
- Laminated membrane creates an H2O-resistant barrier, while still allowing moisture vapor to escape
- DWR (water-repellant surface treatment) applied to outer-face sheds rain & snow

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